Desi Incest Story (all characters & events are fictitious)

Its a story about a brother who role plays a gay and seduces his elder sister and other family members

Hello, I am Shreeshant from Hubli Karnataka. I am writing my own experiences, which started last year. It is mixture of incest and gay. I am 20 years old with 6.0 height now I am doing BBA good looking whitish in color, humorous and I was not keen in sex. I was more concerned about my career. My English is poor as my education till matriculation was in Kannada medium so kindly bear with me. It starts from marriage of my elder sister Preethi. My sister got married to Prashant very handsome and rich person. They have good business at Hubli. Within few months of my didi’s marriage, her father in law passed away due to massive heart attack. So, my jiju became alone to handle his vast business and he found it too difficult to handle it alone. He came with proposition to take me with them as we were in some town nearby, where there was no business management college in my town. I wanted to pursue BBA, so my father agreed to this after didi pursued and assured my parents that I would be assisting in their business while studying there itself and we would be mutually benefited, so it would avoid me being in hostel.

So, I settled with them. Aunt Malathi that’s mother in law of my sister, younger sister of jiju Prema who was a younger to me were there in the house. There were three rooms in a row, one was used by parents, and now only aunt Malathi lived next room was allotted to me, which was previously used by Prema at another end jiju and sister room. All rooms were interconnected, between my room and aunt’s room there was bathroom, which both had to share. My room was lavishly decorated with all the cozy furniture and was bigger than the room now allotted to Prema for which Prema was un happy but she had accept this as I was the guest and I had come to help them. Prema is of introvert nature she didn’t mix up with me. Jiju is very nice person. Aunty still had not recovered from early demise of her hubby.

I started going to attend their business and I am fast learning, so in very short period I adjusted myself with their business. Usually aunt didn’t come out of her room most of the time crying or sitting alone with sad face in her room. Once, didi advised me to spare some time for aunty and to bring her out of her sorrow. Now I took more care of aunty and started involving in conversation with her. Even I started entering into her room of course with her consent. Her mood started changing, initially she used to just nod or say yes or no type short answers but I was reluctant to speak with her and she could not escape from my company. Somehow, I was successful to bring her out to sitting room and sometimes I would suggest or insist to watch some good programs from TV. After some days, she came to speaking terms with me and started enquiring about business and casual matters. Now very often I would take all females to temple and even sat sang. Prema and sister used to be busy in their own work, now a days I started taking out aunt only and she started enjoying my company. I think to some extent that I was able to take her out of her shell. By now, my vacation was over and I had taken admission to business school. I had college in mornings only. So, I had ample of free time.

Things were going pretty well, but on one Saturday while returning from the Hanuman and Shani temple aunt asked me take her to some park, where there is no rush. I was stunned because this was the first time she chose place other than temples or shopping. When we entered park we found a secluded place and no one was nearby. I looked at her she was looking ground and my trying for words to start. I asked her the reason she mumbled first and then said if u doesn’t mind I can say something, which you have to keep secret. I assured her. See it’s family problem I don’t know whether I should be discussing it with you or not, at least I can reduce my burden of carrying it.

Now a day I feel that your sister is not as happy as she was. It was news for me, I had never observed such a thing from my sister, or she deliberately managed not to express herself. I asked how you say, only a woman can understand another woman.

ME - in what sense she is un happy because she has most handsome hubby, she got all luxuries here which even she had never dreamt of she has car, bungalow, wealth, jewellery and above all such a caring mother in law, who is more than like mother to her. As far as my knowledge goes, the problem generally starts by another woman itself. Either it may be her mother-in-law or sister-in-law here there are no chances. You are more than mother and daughter, because when you were feeling lonely, she was the first to instruct me to take you out somewhere and bring you out of the shell. So that you have to, again become cheerful and be a part in regular life. In addition, I think you are now.

AUNTY-- Is it she who advised you, in fact I was wondering how you started caring me so much, but I am thankful to your sister and specially you my sweet boy, and kissed my forehead. what u said is partially correct what your sister got after coming over here is ok but for what she is entitled and suppose if she does not get hats more important and we should see that she gets it.

ME - means?

AUNT- you did not get my point.

ME- nodded my head in negative. I think she stumbled for a moment. It’s what she should be satisfied in bed. (I got the point but not clearly) see jiju is a muscular and strong man and he is very sober what problem can be with him.

AUNTY- that’s what I was under same impression but the things are not as we see them. There must be something wrong with my son. After a pause she continued initially he was not ready for marriage every time we proposed he used postpone on one or other pretext. On persuasion by me and my hubby, finally he agreed that too on threatening him. We never came to know what the problem was we never tried to diagnose the real problem. We went on insisting not understanding. That is where we went wrong. Aunty started crying I wanted to console her but decided against and waited for her to cool, again she continued see when he was opposing for marriage either he was in love with someone or he has physical problem. I don’t know what the exact problem is, but surely there is some problem initial days after marriage I think everything was going smoothly but of late his behaviors are not proper this I can say only on looking bahu. I think by going against his wish we scapegoat your sister. Somehow, you try to find out the problem and solve it if you can’t tell me the problem we shall try to find solution. I am giving such a big responsibility to such young child please forgive me for bothering you. Suppose if you are successful, I will the happiest person on the earth, thus you can save your sister my family and our reputation saying this she lost all her control started crying heavily and laid her on my shoulder, and she was almost hugging. For the first time I felt bosoms on by body but both of us ignored that we are male and female but we were seriously engrossed in our own thoughts.

Even I was weeping silently. Now I tried to console her but she took her own time to cool-off. Once she was ok, we normal we washed our face in tap water and headed for house and we did not exchange any words, before she got off the bike I assured her again promised that I will do my best. (to be continued)



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